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DATES:  Jun 05-09 & 10-20 Jun 2019
LOCATION:  Kranevo, Bulgaria
CONTACT: + 381 64 374 3027




Official promoter / Dusan Tadic Southampton

The official promoter of the Colonia Cup will be Dušan Tadić, Southampton player and member of the Serbian national team. He recognized the idea of the organizers and expressed the desire to contribute to the international reputation of this tournament.

General Sponsor of Colonia Cup

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Official Tournament Ball / MEMORIS sports equipment

Memoris sports equipment besides the best quality materials, professional production and interesting design, Memoris also has the best prices and special conditions for sport clubs. We care to play fair and to be in the same team with your team…

Become a part of Coloni Cup 2017  and use the opportunity to meet each other, make new friends from
teams around the Europe and enjoy a visit to the Black Sea. This football tournament will also have a lot
of media attention beside the competition itself.
About Us Video
Children's football tournament Colonia Cup was founded by the company Kolonija 11421. This company is the owner of the eponymous sports center in Smederevska Palanka, Serbia. This sports center is one of the most advanced in Serbia and it hosts numerous competitions in football, tennis, table tennis, bubble football and other sports.

Professional Team Of Coaches

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Donald Castillo
Main Coach
Dušan Milojević
Tournament director
Milan Pavlović
Tournament manager
Stefan Damianov
Press director

I am sorry I am not stiil kid to enjoy with my friends playing football on tournament like this.

Predrag Sikimic
Red Star, Belgrade

As profesional goal keeper, playing for many teams I could say that this is big chance for small clubs and academies to play with big teams and take an great experience.

Bojan Jagorčević
Levski, Sofia

This is very strong tournament and I am very, very happy because my both sons will take a part in this. They will play for Partizan in generations 06 and 08.

Milan Jovanovic
Liverpool, England

International Football Tournament

Participating Countries

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